Heidi Klum Doesn’t Care What You Think

Heidi Klum may be 16 years older than her husband Tom Kaulitz, but doesn’t think she is worried about the age gap. She is far too busy enjoying her marital happiness to the full and living her life to the full. Nor does she care what others think about her marriage. Closer met Heidi where she talked about her love for Tom in the March 9, 2020 issue. The report confirms just about everything that most people already believed Heidi’s love for Tom. Take a look at Heidi’s social media platforms and it is clear to see that she is mad for her spouse. Speaking of Tom

Heidi is clearly happy with Tom, who is her third husband, as she regularly shares photos of the couple on her official Instagram account where she has 7.1 million followers. Although Heidi is 46 and Tom is 30, they seem to be soul mates and Heidi made it clear that others’ opinions about his happiness were meaningless. Heidi was previously married to Seal from 2005 to 2014, the couple share four children: Hélène, Henry, Lou and Johan. Heidi Klum Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her 16-Year-Age Difference To Hubby Tom Kaulitz

Closer says friend introduced Heidi and Tom about four years after her divorce, but she didn’t realize she had met the twin brother

Many people say that Heidi ages so well, that you cannot say that there is a difference of 16 years between the two. Still speaking to Closer, she made it clear that she was not worried about their age gap or what others thought. Heidi said the following.

“It is enough to live a happy life its