Rex nichols emerged 3 decades ago, centered primarily after designing high class homes and mid-rise to receive owners and developers in fort lauderdale, miami, claws beach plus the surrounding location that have received eleven nationwide aia honours. Over time, we certainly have expanded each of our business in designing and developing multifamily residential properties, eating places, hotel, individual clubs, museums and galleries, retail places, condominium assignments and the revival & reconstruction of hereditary sites during southern florida. Through this kind of ongoing procedure, we have advanced into an organization targeted on creating opportunities concerning investment in potential high end income real estate set in an exciting, and swiftly expanding domestic market. The main concentration lies in creating value to achieve buyers outside the opportunity of the typical relationship among designer and development task. This is completed through working together with clients to add a number of progressive design elements into the job, taking into account the newest trends, types, architectural second languages and setting up technology to produce our significance of contemporary structure while using sustainable design and style. We have individuals owners and developers to develop alluring and innovative extravagance residential properties. After some time, we have broadened our business design as architectural designers and developers to encompass growing properties with investors’ teams, in addition to working with specific residential buyers/owners.